nderson Queto was born on January 26th, 1976 in Gros-Islet, a small town in the north of the island of St. Lucia.  At an early age, curiosity about life was already beginning to arise, and so he began a desperate search for answers to the questions that trouble his mind - especially those about the purpose for which he was born.  This desire to know more about life forced him into deep introspection, and led him to discover many things about himself - particularly, his multi-giftedness, and the ability to accomplish extraordinary things in his life.   His gifts have opened many doors of opportunity for him; including working for several companies, lecturing, and starting his own business.

      At the age of fifteen, he dropped out of senior primary school because of financial constraints, and decided to enter the corporate work-force to support his family. He sometimes talk about those moments when he had to improvise for some of the necessities for school.  He said, "I had to take my school pants apart, and reconstruct it inside out because it had faded."

Most of Anderson's post formal education was done on his own through reading books, going on the internet, and by observation.  The knowledge he acquired gained him a good reputation, and placed him in demand in many fields of work.  He soon realized that knowledge could command a certain level of power, if only it is applied properly.  This revelation quickly became one of his guiding principles for success.

Anderson Queto is currently the successful owner of Photographic Adventures Ltd, a motivational speaker, a prolific teacher and the husband of one beautiful wife.
Anderson Queto is the founder of THE SHEPHERD'S HEART Compassionate ministry. Founded in 2009. Together with his wife, they seek to inspire and motivate people to maximize their God-given potential for success, through a meaningful relationship with Almighty God.